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This is Important !

The world is becoming more and more crowded everyday. We are massing into compact bits of humanity. In our compact world the environment is growing ever worse. There are many causes to champion, and we have chosen Clean Air! Thankfully we are not in this battle for cleaner air alone. Many individuals, companies, government agencies and world organizations are battling along side us. This site is dedicated to inform and educate. Help us by supporting clean air initiatives in your personal world. Together we will learn, grow and be more healthy.


We tell our story, well not exactly our story, but the story with the help and perspective of others. We have a handful of authors who actively contribute to the site and we are looking for more. We are supported financially by a couple of small corporations who are dedicated to clean air issues in the USA and across the globe. If you are interested in supporting our site with content or even financially please send us an email to discuss this possibility.


We are always looking for new ideas to present. We are working with great authors like Jackie Edwards and Vernon Trollinger  If you know of an author that has good common sense things to say, let us know about them and we will help the message be heard. If you have a topic you would like us to research and write about we will be happy to oblige.