Kitchen Odor Control

The kitchen is the most prolific producer of odors in a household.  Everyone has a favorite cooking smell whether its bread baking in an oven, or bacon frying it up in a frying or simmering spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove. And then there are a few that are not so nice. Anything burned down, three Day-old fish rotten cabbage and garlic are included on this list. Not to be overlooked are spoiled chicken and the science project long forgotten in the back of the refrigerator.  The list is endless.

Our sense of smell provides us with Important information about food. It could tell us what is fresh or passed its prime and likely to leave us with an unpleasant experience at best.

Food and cooking odors Have a tendency to linger. Memory of a meal days old may still be present in the form of a lingering odor.   Also spoiled or burnt food may contribute to veritable cacophony of smells and result in a less than pleasant dining experience. Some residences by nature of their design or proximity to others as in apartment or condominium complex are unusually prone to this effect.

Commercial establishments such as restaurants usually have exhaust systems in kitchen and prep areas as specified in commercial building codes. Generally these do not have the same problems as residences.

If someone is confronted with this problem a common solution is to purchase and install air filtration and purification equipment as a supplement to extant exhaust systems.  These devices may be located in problem areas.  There are portable systems which may be relocated at any time. Some units may be installed in suspended ceilings. Others may be suspended by chains.

Depending on the nature of the problem, some designs may be more effective than others.  In environments where smoke is an issue, electrostatic air purifier is an ideal choice.  In other situations where simple odors are an issue a unit with an activated charcoal filter is appropriate. 

LakeAir manufactures a full line of air purifiers and filtration devices for both residential and commercial environments. For unique or unusual situations, a customized solution may be Available. For assistance with product selection or to request a custom quote, you can contact customer service at 800-558-9436.

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