Clean Air For Pets and Their Homes

Pets add so much to our lives. They provide companionship. They can add security to our homes and businesses. Service animals serve a special duty to help people cope and maneuver their way through life. They also add  pet dander, fur and other allergens to the the air in our homes.

It is not widely known, but the air in our homes can be harmful to our pets. Pets like dogs and cats are susceptible to indoor air pollution. The dust, smoke and other harmful air particles can make our pets sick. Pets can’t wash there hands and dishes before they eat. The dirt in the air falls onto their fir and into their food.  You should clean the air in your home to protect your pets. This is even more important if there is a smoker in the house.


Dogs whose owners are smokers are more likely to  eye infections, allergies, and respiratory problems . A study at Colorado State University demonstrated that dogs who were exposed to second hand smoke were more likely to have nasal cancer. 


Cats in a smoking room are more likely to develop malignant lymphoma.  Even the smallest amount of second hand smoke can make a cat 2 ½ times more likely to develop cancer of this type. The longer the exposure the worse than outlook becomes.  Third hand smoke (smoke that sticks to fur) is a particular worried for cat owners.  Cats are meticulous rumors and they tend to ingest many of the toxins that fallout from the air.

Birds are especially sensitive to nicotine.  When nicotine lands on a bird’s feather or feet it is likely to peck at the nicotine and open wounds.  Birds are highly susceptible to poison in the air.  That is why Miners use to use birds as mini gas detectors.  The poisons in the air in a mine would kill a bird long before the Miners were even affected.  Domesticated birds are even more fragile. You should pay close attention to your bird if it is in a smoking environment. 

Protecting your home from pets

Pet Dander

While protecting our pets from the impurities in the air in our homes is important, it is also important to protect the air in our homes from our pets.  Pets of all kinds produce many different indoor air pollutants.  One of the worst is pet dander.  Pet dander is this skin and hair follicles that are a normal byproduct of shedding.  Pet dander is one of the leading causes of human allergies.  Test themselves are often allergic to their own dander.

fur and feathers

Most fur and feathers are too large to be aspirated.  However fragments of fur and feathers can be a small as one micron.  That small of a particle can be breathed in and cause irritation.  In some cases skin contact with fur and feathers are enough to cause an allergic reaction.  It is important to clean up pet areas and remove loose fur and feathers.  Vacuum carpeting and furniture with a HEPA rated bag and cleaner bag attached.

Solutions for Pets and People

To keep the air in our homes safe for both text and people we can do a few easy things.  Be sure to bathe your pets regularly.  Clean all pet areas.  Vacuum carpeting and furniture with A HEPA grade vacuum cleaner.  Do not smoke in areas where pets are frequently present.  If you do smoke, use a high quality air purifier to reduce the risk of second hand smoke for both your pets and your family.  If you need more information about high quality air purifiers we suggest you visit this website.

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