3 simple ways to get rid of pollution in your home

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3 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Pollution in Your Home

We are all aware of outdoor pollution such as smog, smoke and ozone, but that doesn’t mean that the air inside your home is any safer. Many homes and offices are polluted with a range of hazards, including lead (that can be found in house dust) smoke and volatile chemicals that are found in fragrances.

Some pollutants are found naturally in the home, such as dust and mold, while other pollutants are brought into the house, such as candles and incense burners. Thankfully there are a few simple ways to reduce the amount of pollution in your house.

Clean the carpets

Carpets are a major source of pollution as they can release harmful chemicals into your home when they are new, and other household pollutants will also accumulate and settle on your carpets. For this reason it is important to vacuum them regularly, as this will help to remove any chemicals that may be residing in the material.

If you think that the carpets are a big source of pollution in your home, you may want to get a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. This is because the HEPA filter will help to reduce the level of lead, pollen and fire-retardant chemicals in your carpet.

Invest In An Air Purifier

You should consider investing in an air purifier as the United States Environmental Protection Agency recently found that air purifiers may help to reduce the amount of airborne particles and allergens in a house.

However, it is important to look for an air purifier based on how well it collects pollutants, as some air purifiers have a low efficiency rate and so they don’t circulate air well. Ideally you want to buy a model that comes with a “whole house system” that can remove mold, pollen, dust and pet dander from every room.

Cut Down On Fragranced Products

A recent survey found that many fragrances that are used in scented candles, cleaning products and laundry detergents can create toxins within the home, so you should cut down the fragranced products in your home and replace them with toxin-free alternatives.

It is very easy to reduce the amount of pollution in your home; especially if you clean your home regularly with toxin-free products and invest in a high quality air purifier.

By Jackie Edwards

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